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Pilot Permit Ultralight, Flight Training


Meet the Crew

Henry Vos Chief Flight Instructor

Henry has had his pilot licence for the past 35 years. He now has a Commercial Pilot Licence and Flight Instructor rating.

Familiarization Flights

Interested but not sure about flight training -- ask us about going up for a 30 minute familiarization flight to check it out.

Learn to Fly
Become a Pilot

'Man has wanted to fly for as long as he has seen the the moon and stars'.

AEROSPORT LTD. flight training offers an economical way to get your pilot permit. 


AEROSPORT LTD. began as a dream to give other people the opportunity to fly. Starting with a private pilot licence Henry Vos went on to earn his commercial pilot licence and then his instructor rating.

With the purchase of a new advanced ultralight the Pipistrel Alpha Trainer he has put together a Flight School and pilot training program for Pilots Licence on Advanced Ultralights in Fairview, Peace River and those willing to travel from Grande Prairie.

Recreation flying is the main focus for people with this permit.

AEROSPORT meets all Transport Canada requirements in operating this type of flight school. 

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Based in Fairview, Alberta Canada

Training available at other locations.